At C & R Contracting, we offer complete, end to end kitchen and Colorado Springs bathroom remodel services to our customers. From the initial design, all the way to project completion, we handle everything for our customers whenever they work with us. To better understand the specifics of our process, we have provided an overview of what customers can expect during each stage of the process when working with us. These stages may change based upon the specific requirements of your project, but we have found most of our remodels follow these stages, and wanted to provide our customers with a better understanding of what they can expect. We hope you find this page helpful and convenient as you plan your next kitchen and Colorado Springs bathroom remodel project.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Process in 10 Stages:

Stage One – First Meeting and Walkthrough:
This is where it all begins! The first stage in our process is to introduce ourselves in person, and walk through your home with you to get a clear understanding of your remodel. This is the stage where you share your vision and we work together to finalize the initial details of your project.

Stage Two – Design:
This is a stage that is optional, and extremely beneficial for customers that need help with finalizing their design. After getting a better understanding of your goals for your Colorado Springs Bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel, we pair you with an expert designer to create a complete design of your project. Our designers have years of experience and can create a clear picture of what your completed remodel will look like.

Stage Three – Demolition:
This may or may not be our favorite stage in the process. After completing your design, we start the hard labor by removing the components of the home that are being replaced. We have mastered the art of the demolition, and are sure to preserve and protect all that you would like to keep safe.
We begin this process by learning what sections of your home need to be saved.
We then mask off the sections of your home that you are not remodeling, and protect all of your flooring with floor protectant to prevent marks or scrapes from appearing on your floors
After we have carefully masked off sections of your home, we begin the demolition process by first removing vanities & sinks, then to drywall & flooring, and ending with framing & walls
From here, the demolition is complete, and we can begin the building process

Stage Four – Donating Unused Goods to Charities:
We love giving back to our community. After years of doing remodels, we began to accumulate unused goods from our remodel projects that we wanted to do more with than just throw away. After we complete the demolition, we will conveniently donate any unused goods in stable condition that our customers no longer need to a local charity.

Stage Five – Framing & Building:
The next stage in the Colorado Springs bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel process is to begin the framing and building. This is the stage where we begin to bring your design to life by connecting various pieces of material (usually wood) to create support and shape to the structure of the remodel. Basically, you can think of this phase as the phase when we construct the frame of what your new remodeled area will look like. During this phase, we make sure to keep our workplace clean as we build and construct the skeleton of your new project. While all stages of the remodel process are absolutely necessary, the framing stage is widely considered the most crucial phase of the remodel. It is during this stage that must have every measurement accurate, and every piece placed precisely, in order to complete the job successfully. Luckily, at C & R contracting, our master carpenter is one of the most talented individuals at this phase of the process. Rest assured that you are in great hands whenever you work with C & R.

Stage Six – Electrical and Plumbing:
After the framing is completed, the new electrical and plumbing work can begin. While this is also an extremely important phase, C & R has partnered with some of the most skilled electricians and plumbers for Colorado Springs bathroom remodel projects, and can ensure that this stage is completed successfully. While other contracting organizations may require you to find your own electricians, plumbers, and other third-party contractors, we take care of everything all under one roof. This is another reason why so many people love working with us here at C & R Contracting. We take the hassle out of the remodel process, and make sure you’re being taken care of by the very best.

Stage Seven – Drywall & Paint:
Once all the electrical and plumbing is done for your Colorado Springs bathroom remodel project, the necessary drywall and painting can be done. We use the highest quality materials for our drywall, and will ensure that it is place and fitted properly. Once the drywall is installed, the painting process can begin. While many people have a difficult time choosing the right color of paint that they need for their walls, our expert design team can help you by making recommendations based upon your ideal style.

Stage Eight – Cabinets and Trim Installation:
Led by master carpenter, Ryan Kilday, your cabinets and trim will be installed by the best. Before opening C & R Contracting, Ryan Kilday worked with Hartung Installations, one of the most reputable cabinet building and installation organizations in Colorado Springs. We can help you select the perfect cabinets and trim to make every detail of your project absolutely excellent.

Stage Nine – Measure Countertops & Tile:
The last stage of the building process! We have partnered with some of the best tile installers to ensure that we can install even the most complex of patterns and designs. Our tile installers have worked with the highest quality materials and are trained in the most advanced techniques for tile installation. We will also finalized all the measurements for your countertops, and install your countertops for you as well.

Stage Ten – Project Complete:
It’s done!!!! After hard work, and careful attention to detail, this is the phase where YOU enjoy your new remodel. We will do a final walk through with you to explain everything that was done, and make sure that you are absolutely satisfied.


Window and Door Installation:
In addition to complete Colorado Springs bathroom remodel & kitchen remodel projects, we provide window and door installation as well. We can either install new windows, or replace old windows that you would like to get rid of for good. We do everything in the process, from helping you select new windows, removing old windows, installing new windows, building new doors, and making sure everything is properly sealed as well.

Master Carpentry:
We also provide custom master carpentry services to our customers. We have building gorgeous custom bookcases, crown molding, and mantles for our customers. If you have a need for a carpenter, please give us a call for a free quote.