Are you trying to find the best home remodel company there is for Colorado Springs bathroom remodel? Are you trying to find a company who is truly trustworthy and who will take you your opinion and your concern into consideration and as their priority? I you trying to find a home remodeling company who is truly affordable and has the highest integrity and has the best remodelers we had a great attitude? I can assure you that Contracting and Remodel is exactly the company you are looking for when he comes to the best services for home remodeling.

Our owner Ryan Kilday knows everything there is as the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel. Rain grew up following his father who was one of the great contractor in the constriction world. Ryan was so interested in so curious about his dad’s world, he would go to work with is that even on his school lunch break, or on weekends. He was very curious being involved and want to learn everything there is so he can become a great contractor like that too. Over the time, his dream has come true as he has become a great contractor himself. He has learned already experience from his dad and he has perfected his skill by learning from his dad’s mistake.

As you are looking for the best services there is in Colorado Springs bathroom remodel, I can tell you many reason why Contracting and Remodel can offer you the best services that you can look for with quality assurance. We guarantee that we can deliver your project on time. Where known to be punctual and known to be work with the highest engagement with the highest execution ever. If there is any chance that we did not finish your project on time, I can offer you a $250 off of your final price if we did not meet your time! Yes, where can offer you $250 to you as a guarantee that we will finish your dream kitchen or dream bathroom within a timely manner.

We also love to communicate with our customers in terms of what they want and our house. Ultimately, we the expertise but our customers are the eyes and the creativity for their own home. We can provide you with the skill set and a technique that we have with expertise and experience, but we will let you direct the bowl and drive the cart into the direction that you want to be. We want the final look of your kitchen or your bathroom turned out to be exactly why you’re hoping for from the beginning.

There are many beautiful pictures from our previous work that you can check out so please do not hesitate to go to our website at to see how beautiful job that we can do for you. If you have any questions at all regarding the services that we can provide you with, you should always call us at 719-323-7374. One of our amazing team members will be waiting for you to patiently answer any questions you might have for us.

Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodel | Our Service

If you’re trying to find best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel for remodeling your new kitchen air new house, do not worry no more because Contracting and Remodel has what it takes to deliver exceptional results. Our company has been existing in serving our community for over a decade and we have all the expertise and experience into brain the results that you are looking for. Our company was founded by Ryan Kilday, who grew up working with his dad who was also a contractor at a time. He spent the majority of his school lunches or weekends going to work with his dad because he was so curious about what he that is doing. Rain was truly passionate about this field ever since he was a little kid. He was so curious and involved in his dad’s world that he wants to know everything there is when he comes to the remodeling businesses.

Contracting and Remodel can definitely offer and deliver one of the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel you’re looking for. Working guarantee your results because we always listen to our customers as our priority. The promise that we will always be honest with you without any BS. We will never tell you anything just because we know that’s what you want to hear. We promise not to send any expectations knowing that we are not going to keep. Every promise out of our mouth, we will make it come true for you. We are on is a dependable people who has the greatest integrity that is why we always love to keep our communication with our customers loud and clear.

It is going to be obvious that you should come to us at Contracting and Remodel as the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel. We guarantee to deliver the kitchen or the bathroom remodels that you are looking for on time on budget everything with them. It does not matter if you have a small budget or you have a huge budget, promise to work with your price range and write you with the best looking and practical kitchens and bathrooms that you are looking for. We also guarantee to deliver everything on time. If there is a slight chance that we did not deliver your project on time, we will give you a $250 off out of the final price that you cannot pay. That is how we guarantee our customers with the best quality of the work that you deserve!

We offer you with a 10 stage services to make sure that every single stage is a great contribution to the final work that we are achieving right here. We know that were working toward something together so we better understand each other at the very beginning of the stage. That is why we meet and walk through the whole agenda and your intentions and what your take is at the very beginning so that we’re on the same track and on the same team moving forward.

There are many many testimonies and beautiful pictures on our website at If you’re interested any any additional services that we offer, feel free to hop on website to learn more about us. If you have any questions regarding the services or the designs or decide that we can provide you with, we always waiting for you at 719-323-7374 to patiently answer any questions that you might have.