Are you looking for the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel you can find in Colorado? At the company, we are group of people who are trustworthy and who are truly dependable to provide you with the greatest quantity of services that you can ever ask for. Our company was funded because of our passion in remodeling work. Every single one of our team member in our company are doing this because we’re truly passionate about what we are doing. We love to serve our community by being that Excellency and bring the best quality into the homes within our community.

Let me tell you more why we are the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel there is. We offer you a test stage services that you cannot miss. Step one is we meet and we walked through every single thing that you want to do for your home. Within this stage, we are getting to know each other as the remodeler and asked the customer. We understand that in order to achieve great results, we need to communicate each other and make sure that we are understanding each other at the deepest level. We want to make sure that with our goals and our expectations align before we move forward to do anything.

Stage 2 of bring the best results for Colorado Springs bathroom remodel is designing. In this stage, we want to make a clear communication with our customers in order to understanding what can a designer actually want for the kitchen and bathroom remodels. Our designer will be able to create a clear picture by visuals and by showing actual drawings to our customers to make sure that we are creating something they actually want for their home. We look to involve our customers in this stage because we want to make absolute sure that they are happy with the design themselves.

Stage 3 is to take down any of the materials like your sink or your drywall or your flooring are your Framingham wall before we actually start to install anything new into achieving that great look for your home. Stage 4 of our services is to actually donating all the stuff that you do not need any more to the organizations or to nonprofits or to the actual whole day will be needing the material so you will not need anymore. Because we love to give back to our community and that is why we are doing this. We left see the smile on the families face when we bring them stuff has no use to us but it can become treasure to them.

There are many more services that we can provide you with if you go check out our website at You can also take a look at some of the testimonies and the reviews from previous customers before. I am sure that after reading those comments, you will want the same experience that they had with them as well as you will have with your new hope remodelers. Hopefully you can choose us as your provider achieving a great results that you are looking for.

Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodel | Here We Are

There are many different services that Contracting and Remodel can provide you with as you are looking for Colorado Springs bathroom remodel. Our company is owned by Ryan Kilday started his contracting and remodeling “career” at a very young stage. Graham was intrigued by his father’s work when he was very little. His father was a contractor when he was a young kid, and Brianna would follow his father around even on his school lunch breaks or on weekends, he will go to work with his dad just so that he can get into know a little bit more about what it is that is that is doing day in day out. He wants to know every single thing there is when it comes to remodeling. By the time he started his company, he already had maybe 20 years of experience before he started the company. He knew exactly what to do and he knew exactly what to avoid in order to run a successful remodeling businesses.

you choose Contracting and Remodel as the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel because our first mission and first priority is always to communicate with our customers in understanding of what they need. Understand how important communication is a is pressure when he comes to remodeling work for the our home owners. Because we want the home or the kitchen or the bathroom to turn out exactly what our customers has envisioned in their head. That is why we constantly show our designing or custody talk to a customer to make sure we are still on the same page. Because if you are moving are trained on different drying rack, you will never get to your destination. That is way we keep our comely patient with our customers clear and loud so that we are always making sure that we’re delivering the results that our customers actually want and not something that we created in our head.

We promise you that we are the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel because where a group of people were truly honest and truly dependable. We promise that we are always gonna be honest with you and not just to tell you what you want to hear. We were never sent any promises with you what we know where not going to be able to keep it. Will always set our expectations and always meet the expectations that we set. You will not have to worry about any integrity issues because we are a remodeling businesses without the BS.

We promise to deliver your project on time and on budget everything with them. If for some reason, if there’s any chance that we did not deliver your project on time, we will actually offer you a $250 off of what you actually can pay later. That is why, this is how we guarantee our customers that we will deliver the results like we said within the timely manner. As we know how frustrating it is your contractor tells you that this can be another month, it’s not gonna be another six weeks. Will never do that to you!

You should go to her website at to learn more about the services that we can provide you with. While you are on our website, you should also look at art gallery section to look at some of the beautiful pictures from the previous work we have done for our previous customers. Get in touch with us at 719-323-7374 to let us know what you are ready to take the next step into bringing your home beautiful remodeling work that you deserve.