Allow me to introduce you to Contracting and Remodel while you’re on your way to find the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel. The company has been proudly serving the community for over a decade and we have thriving to wow our clients by bringing them the best results that they are looking for at the most affordable price possible. We promise that we are delivering the results at the highest integrity in the highest engagement with the greatest attitude there is. Our company was started by Ryan Kilday. Ryan, as a kid, was always following around his father was a contractor at the time. He has showed tremendous amount of interest into the contracting and remodeling businesses ever since he was a little kid. He want to know in and out with everything he needs to know when is comes to remodeling. So at a very early stage, Ryan has been able to exceeded the expectations from others being as young as he is.

So for the opportunity came to him, Ryan decided to continue to follow his father’s. And to bring in the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel services there is. He started the company Contracting and Remodel with a mission to deliver the best services there is at the lowest budget for our customers possible. Ryan wants to make sure that every single service that they deliver, it’s going to be true from the heart. The promise that we are gonna always be honest with you on every single stage of the process. We will always communicate with you and we will deliver every expectations or the promises that we tell you that we are going to keep. We will never tell you anything just because that might be the things that you want to hear.

As you are wondering what services that we offer as Colorado Springs bathroom remodel, I continue to anything you are looking for within the remodeling world, we have the resources that we have the expertise into bringing the results that you are looking for. We have a 10 stage process of how we can deliver the best results guaranteed. The first stage of the services, we will meet with you and walk you through the whole process just to get to know with each other a little better. Because being able to understand each other between our homeowners and our designers, is the crucial part of how we can achieve the services that we promise you.

Next step is to put on the actual design that we are going to have for the final product. We would love to involve our customers into this process because we are curious about their opinion and because we value everything that they have to say about the design because ultimately it’s going to be their home or their kitchen they will be living in or staring at every single day.

There are many other steps that we go through into the later stages of the design. Please go to our website at to better understand how we can serve you. You can also view some of the beautiful pictures from her previous work so you have a better understanding of the level of great work that we can provide you with. And when you’re ready, please pick up the phone and connect with us at 719-323-7374 to let us know that you’re ready for us !

Colorado Springs Bathroom Remodel | The Remodeling You Need

There are so many remodeling companies out there how do you go about to choose the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel there is? Do you want to work with a company who can deliver the best result that you are looking for as well as serving you with the highest integrity while we both get to have fun in the process of? Do you want to work with a company who are packed full of talent and creativity in the eyes of professionalism? Contracting and Remodel is here for you to deliver the best remodeling work there is in Colorado.

I can assure you that Contracting and Remodel is exactly what you are looking for when it comes to the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel. I promise you that we will deliver every single remodel over the highest engagement. We have a very specific estate services that we can offer you with. h is to meet and talk with you so that we can better understand each other what kind of remodel you are looking for. We also just get to know each other a little bit better as a person and how we think and how we operate. This is like a meet and greet section that is beneficial to the latest stage of the services.

In achieving the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodel, stage 2 of our services is the actual design. Our designer will offer you a very specific design plan and would love to involve our customers within the stage of the process. Because it is very important for us to keep the customers within the loop when it comes to the designing of their own home. At any given thing not happy with the design, old ways feel comfortable to voice your opinion with us because were here to serve you and in achieving the beautiful outlook you are looking for for your kitchen and bathroom. So we will make sure that every single thing that we design, you’re going to like it.

Then, you will be happy to note that anything that you will not need your existing part of your home because you are going to remodel you, we will actually take them and donate them to the families and of community that will actually use them as a treasure. Because we would love to give back to our community and also because that is what can the people we are. We are not only the remodelers within our community, we are also the remodelers with a heart of gold.

I would love to show you exactly what it is that I’m talking about and what services that we can provide you with, please feel free to hop on our website at view some of the beautiful pictures that we can provide you with. If you have any questions or concerns about the services that we can provide you, please feel free to contact us at 719-323-7374 to let us know how we can start our beautiful relationship together. We’re looking forward to the date that we can serve you bring beauty to your home.